Build Your Perfect Suit

Build Your Perfect Suit

One of things we're most excited for you to get your hands on this year is our new Superior™ System outerwear pieces. This system allows you to customize and build your own suit, configuring layers to design an ice fishing suit based around how you like to fish. Your ice suit no longer needs to be one size fits all.

Here's a quick breakdown of how the system works:

Barrier Layers

These are the outer shell portion of your suit designed to keep the elements at bay. The name on this one says it all—they act as a barrier to everything Mother Nature tries to throw at you. Rain, wind, sleet, ice, slime...the Barrier is built to stop it. The Barrier layer is available in jacket, bib, or pant, giving you options when beginning to design a suit that best fits your fishing needs. As you might expect, each piece features Uplyft™ Breathable Flotation for safety, and these pieces are the most waterproof suit we have ever built.

Insulator Layers

The Insulator pant and jacket are the warm and cozy layer of this system. These pieces are purpose-built to directly integrate with the Barrier pieces in the system and add lots of extra warmth. They are also optionally removable, so these pieces add versatility and a much wider range of comfort to your Superior™ System. Insulator pieces are light, packable, and easy to bring on your adventure. As the conditions change outside, you can adapt your suit to match.

Something Else to Consider

Although not overtly part of the Superior System, we're also launching all-new North Shore™ Pant and Vest pieces this year that can also be integrated into this system, providing another great technical layering option. The North Shore pieces provide great mid-range warmth, with the vests designed with the ability to zip into Barrier jackets. This provides additional warmth for your core, minus any added bulk in the arms. The North Shore Pant provides comfort and mobility with lots of stretch, making it an instant favorite of ours on the ice—or at a buffet!

A little Bit for Everyone

The Superior System offers anglers the most options on the market to design and build the outerwear system that is right for them. Available in Men’s and Women’s, check out the video below for more info.