2023-24 New Products

2023-24 New Products

It's early September, and as the leaves are beginning to turn we're starting to get pretty excited about the upcoming ice fishing season. It's right around the corner, and we're even more excited than usual this year, as we get to reveal over 30 new products today—including a very highly-requested electric option, going back to our roots.

New E40 Electric Augers

Full 40V Power, Without the Weight

We feel like the toughest part of ice fishing definitely shouldn't be drilling the hole. We wanted our 40V lithium electric auger to be as easy to use and carry around as possible, and we're really excited to announce this E40 series of augers in four lightweight models, the lightest of weighs-in under 14 lbs. Check out more feature details and product specs here.

New Outbreak Shelters

New Outbreak Shelter Varieties

Still featuring the same "No Trip" door that you love, but this year we're bringing our limited edition plaid fabric to the popular Outbreak 650 size in the series. We're also introducing a new "Blackout" shelter we're pretty excited about in the 450 size. This Outbreak 450XD Blackout is specifically designed for sight fishing and spearing, with an all-black interior fabric and zippered window flaps to seal things up tight and black out everything inside.

New E-Hub System

Accessorize your shelter in a snap

This new system of accessories should have a little something for everyone, with several commonly requested and helpful accessories the help extend the functionality of your shelter. Easily mount the E-Hub base to your pop-up shelter hub (or most other flat surfaces), and then it can be permanently left there throughout takedown and storage—ready for future use. Each accessory in the system snaps into place securely on the base, and can be removed or swapped out as desired. Take a look!

New Apparel

But wait, there’s more...

With over 30 new products this year, we've only scratched the surface here. We also have a brand new Eskape side door shelter size, new auger accessories for the E40 series, and new insulated gloves & mitts, hats, hoodies, and a new Ugly Fishmas Sweater for 2023 to keep you cozy—whether on or off the ice. We'd love to hear what you think!