2022-23 New Product Launch

2022-23 New Product Launch

Every year we update our website with new content, excited to show you our latest and greatest. This is the part of the year we look forward to most…product launch. Below is an overview of some of the things we've been working on over the last year. We hope you enjoy this year’s new product collection, and we hope they help you enjoy your time on the ice this winter.

Make Every Day A Plaidurday

October 7, 2022 may be the official Plaidurday Holiday this year (yes, it’s a thing, Google it!), but if you’re rocking the QuickFish 3i Limited this season, you can make everyday on the ice a Plaidurday. As a side-note, if you haven’t checked out our StormShield™ Insulated Fabric that this shelter is rocking, you should.

Two’s a Crowd?

If you’re more of a solo angler and you dig the color red, or maybe you're just looking for a really great one-person shelter with maximum fishable area, you should check out the all-new Wide 1™ Thermal and Wide 1™ XR Thermal. Rumor has it this XR is the largest one-person shelter we have ever made. 👀

Fancy Yourself a Pant-Suit Kind of Person?

No, not that kind of pantsuit…we're talking pants instead of bibs when you hit the ice. We've been testing prototypes for a while, and we think that wearing pants instead of bibs has its advantages for certain types of fishing. Do you like to be active and mobile, and don’t want to overheat? Do you drive your truck to your spot and setup a shack, but want to stay dry? Maybe you like to pop-up a shelter and chase tip-ups? Or, maybe you just have a prominent midsection and zipping up bibs is a breathtaking experience? The all-new Scout™ suit—available in both Men’s and Women’s—is a first of its kind suit that features Uplyft™ Breathable Flotation. All the benefits of a traditional suit—insulation, flotation, waterproof—but with the mobility of pants instead of bibs.

But wait, there’s more...

With nearly 40 new products this year, we hope you find something you like, and something you will enjoy using on the ice for years to come. We encourage you to look around the site at all the new items and let us know what you think! Cheers to a safe season on the ice…