2021-22 New Product Launch

2021-22 New Product Launch

As the nights begin to cool down and the days get shorter, we all start dreaming about the days on the ice that are soon to follow. This year, thanks to the Eskimo product team, there are over 30 new reasons to be excited about the ice fishing season to come! Here are a few of the highlights:


Eskape 2400

New Eskape? That’s right, the innovative Eskape family gets a new member this year—the Eskape 2400. This shelter will feature all the great things that you have come to love about the Eskape family, including a true side door, in a slightly smaller and lighter package. Best of all, it features a new folding bench seat to maximize both storage and comfort!


Outbreak 850XD

Want bigger? How about the biggest? The all new Outbreak 850XD is the largest shelter Eskimo has ever made, checking in at 114 square feet of fishable area, this is the ultimate big house. Like all Outbreak shelters, the 850XD features an oversized, trip proof door that zips all the way down to the ice. This means no more catching your foot on the door framework and stumbling with your gear


Outbreak 450XD Limited

Maybe its style you’re after? No problem. The Outbreak 450XD Limited is the classiest shelter in the Northwoods. It features Eskimo’s insulated StormShield™ in a limited edition plaid pattern that would make even Paul Bunyan a little jealous. With 75 square feet of fishable area, this unit seems the right size for just about every occasion.


Kenora Dinner Jacket

Plaid you say? Style meets utility with the all-new Kenora Dinner Jacket. This pullover may be the most comfortable jacket on the planet—great as a standalone jacket, layering piece under your bibs, or as the name implies, some serious on-ice formal-wear. Try one on, and you likely won’t take it off until April.


Legend Ice Suit

The only suit fit for our kind of board meeting. And by board meeting we mean: you, 3 buddies and lots of tip-ups. Check out the newly re-designed Legend ice fishing suits. New features, new colors, and now available in women’s sizes—with a special drop seat design.


Rod Lockers

Rod Lockers galore. Two sizes, and lots of storage. Keep all of your rods, tip-ups, or small items protected in these tough cases. Built with rigid side walls and specially designed no-snag rod tubes, these rod lockers will allow you to keep it all in one place, safe and secure. Rods, tackle, tip-ups...you can use this as your toolbox on the ice.


Eskimo x Stormy Kromer®

The forecast is warm & Stormy. Wait—warm and Stormy? Well, Stormy Kromer® and Eskimo partnered up to make sure you have the warmest dome on the ice this year, with a bit of style as well. So in some ways, even if it stormy out, you won’t be cold. Check out this collaboration between two iconic brands, with three exclusive, never before seen Stormy Kromer styles. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!


We've only scratched the surface. To see the rest of the over 30 new products from Eskimo this year, click here. Enjoy the ice!